** FRAUD ALERT ** (If you received a text message from an “800” type phone # directing you to this website, this was NOT US!)


Better-Business-Bureau Accredited 

Funds-Found is a Cash Discovery & Recovery Organization


If we contacted you, then we found money owed to you or a family member.


                    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trust us to battle the government on your behalf .  We’ll handle the entire process to collect this money…
                   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if and when you get paid…
                   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There are absolutely no up-front fees…
                   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You owe us nothing if the funds are not recovered…
                   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You are fully informed throughout the process, and all agreements are in writing…


It’s always best to claim the funds right away due to time limits in most states. If not claimed by the deadline, the money is permanently forfeited

to the government. We won’t let this happen! We have extensive experience in recovering these types of funds and a high success rate.

Your case is handled in coordination with attorneys experienced in this field.

  And we make it all easy and convenient for you.  You’ll spend just 10 minutes with a mobile-notary to sign documents, and then we’ll handle the rest.

And When The Funds Come In…

 We Send You a Check.


Call Us Now At  678-538-9848

Our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • EASY – We do all-the-work needed to collect the funds.
  • There are Absolutely-NO up-front costs.  We’ll NEVER ask you for money!
  • NO RISK – We only receive a finder’s fee if-and-when you are paid.
  • You DON’T owe us ANYTHING if funds are not collected.
  • TOTALLY CONVENIENT – You’ll spend 10 minutes with a mobile-notary service to sign documents.  THAT’S IT!   We’ll take it from there.
  • CALL US NOW at 678-567-6049 to discuss your case.
  • We’re available 24/7 (voicemail after hours) and can be depended upon to provide fast, friendly, and dependable service.

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Why Hire Us?

Why hire a professional to claim the money?

Maybe you don’t know where to start?

>>> We’re experts in this field.  We know how the system works and have a high success rate for our clients.

Rather not deal with all the red tape, headaches, roadblocks, and uncertainties?

>>> For example, nearly two-thirds of all claim attempts fail due to rejected proof of entitlement.

>>> We’ll handle all these issues for you.  We probate estates, petition courts for determination of entitlement, locate missing ownership records, and complete all filing requests.

>>> We stay on top of all deadlines, negotiate compromises when issues arise, monitor updates and follow all procedural requirements throughout the process.

>>> We’ll keep in communication with you as the process unfolds.

Want to avoid the risk of losing your hard earned money?

>>> We advance all expenses to process the claim and collect the funds.

>>> You’ll never have any out-of-pocket expenses to deal with.  And you’ll owe us nothing if the claim is unsuccessful.

>>> We are a “Better-Business-Bureau Accredited” Organization.


Handling these claims on your own can be rather expensive.  The various costs include:

Attorney Fees

Court Charges

 Filing Fees

Research Costs

Administrative Expenses

Processing Fees

We assume all the risk.  You won’t owe anything if you are not paid.


Time Sensitive!

If your claim isn’t filed by the DEADLINE, the government has the legal right to keep the money!

That’s why it’s so important to act quickly.  Claims fail when deadlines are missed.

We don’t want this to happen to you!